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Casa Copenhagen Bean Bag Re-filler/Filler - 4Kg

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  • Casa Copenhagen Eternal Bean Bean Bag Refiller - 4 Kg
  • Use To Refill Your Existing Bean Bag Chair Or Stuffed Animal Toys Industrial Quality Beans For Long Lasting Use
  • Safety Warning-Expanded Polystyrene Beads/ Beans Often Create Static Causing Them To Cling. When Bean Bags Popped Or The Fabric Gets Torn These Beans Are Exposed. Once Exposed, These Beans Could Cling To You Or Your Clothing. Also, It Is Strictly Advisable To Keep Them Away From Small Children As It Can Create Suffocating By Accidentally Inhaling These Beans

Refill Your bean bag or empty bean bag cover bean bag refill/filler and get life back into your favourite bean bag. FEATURES:- High-Quality Beans ensuring longevity and durability, Use to refill your existing bean bag chair | Stuffed Animal Toys Industrial High-Quality Beans for Long lasting use. Each 100-per cent virgin polystyrene bean is the approximate size of a large pea. Refill your bean bag in a dry area with no breeze. Dry bathtubs are very ideal filling locations.Bin bag or bean bag or thermocol balls Requirement according to different size of bean bag Covers:- FOR KIDS: approx 800 grams, FOR XL SIZE: approx 1 to 1.5 KG, FOR XXL SIZE: approx 1.5 KG to 2.0 KG, FOR XXXL SIZE: approx 2 KG to 2.5 KG, FOR JUMBO SIZE: approx 2.5 KG to 3 KG. Also note the Gross weight of the product is between 1920 grams to 1980 grams, so effectively Net Weight would be around 1880 grams to 1920 grams as 60 grams to 80 grams is the weight of each Outer layer polythene. The gross weight of the product will be 30 % less as that much weight is considered for bean bag cover as per Indian standard sizing.


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Size 4kg
Manufacturer Casa Copenhagen
Material Cotton
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