Eternal 400 GSM-Large Bath Towel-Hawaiian Ocean

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  • Large Bath Towel; GSM: 400, Size:75x150
  • MATERIAL: These towels are made of 100% genuine natural ringspun cotton which is ideal for your Bath, hands and face.
  • TEXTURE: They are softer than the others and thus you can use them for yourself, your loved ones, for your baby, newborn or toddler.
  • CARE TIPS: The towel is machine washable. Recommended washing in cold water before use. This will cause the cotton fibers to open up and give the towels better absorbency. Tumble dry on low heat or hang them to dry. Please don’t use fabric softener, dry sheets, and bleach. Chemicals will only reduce the softness of the material.
Come out of the Stripes pattern traditional towels with Eternal collection towel from Casa Copenhagen, in attractive modern colors. This Eternal collection of terry towels are made from long staple fine cotton yarn. gives more Softness and are more absorbent than other regular ring-spun towels. De twisting the yarn opens the cotton fibers so that they can trap air and moisture between them, this increases softness and absorbency. Also, it will cause all the air to reach in the deep inner parts of the yarn and will decrease the time a towel will take to dry after use or after washing. The towels will dry faster in the washing machine, thus saving energy.
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Manufacturer Casa Copenhagen
Material Cotton
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