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Theresa Bastrup Hasman - Founder of Casa Copenhagen

I've always been in love with beautiful design, and I graduated from Fashion College in Denmark in 1998. Soon after, I left my native Copenhagen for the quirky charm of Amsterdam, and spent the next few years spreading my wings as a designer for a big fashion company. I traveled all over the world, searching out gorgeous fabrics and being inspired by locations from Delhi to Hong Kong.

I came to the UK with my husband in 2001, to work as a designer and buyer for one of the UK's biggest and most successful retailers. The buzz and creativity of London and the glow and tranquility of our home, Oxford, have proved as inspiring as anywhere else in the world.

Throughout my career, I've been guided by a real passion for high quality, responsibly sourced, elegant products. This was the main push for me to start my own business to make this kind of thing available to people who were looking for it. In 2005, Casa Copenhagen - my dream of premium quality, beautiful, ethical home furnishings - became reality. I 2007 we added a range of beautiful fashion accessories: Pure
by Casa Copenhagen.

About Casa Copenhagen

The Casa Copenhagen collection is a premium range of high quality furnishings, mostly made from natural fibres such as linen, silk and cotton and using exclusively designed fabrics, prints and embroideries. The collection ranges from cushions, throws to contemporary canvas shoppers- elegant, contemporary design with a real emphasis on quality.

Casa Copenhagen was created to meet a need for premium furnishings and textiles, sourced in an ethical manner. The name reflects the collection, which is a unique mix of a clean, modern, Scandinavian sensibility - Copenhagen - with the warmth and coziness of your perfect home space - Casa.

Our soft furnishing accessories. We love mixing fun contemporary print and colours with the ‘classics'. The combination creates an eclectic and sophisticated living space. look for you're nearest stockist on our stockist-list or order online here. We use natural fibres in cotton, organic cotton, silks and linen.

Pure by casa Copenhagen

-Scarves and fashion accessories you will love to wear.

A collection of products made by hand with love. These ranges of scarves, pashminas and fashion accessories have all been individually made with hand-work such as hand painting, embroideries. The collection is designed to make you feel special and unique. Using soft and high quality silk and other natural fibers these designs feels soft and luxurious. Our high quality leather bags have been designed to compliment a confident and stylish woman or man– using details such as braided shoulder straps and mix of suede and leather. The high gloss look creates an elegant look.You can buy one of designs here on our Web-Site. Our earrings are also hand-made and the stones are from a local India mine, where they have Topazes, Sapphires, and many other beautiful semi-precious stones.


We work closely with every link in our manufacturing chain to ensure good working conditions and fair pay. We believe in investing in people and in improving the conditions for the workers and the environment, so Theresa visits the units in India on a regular basis. Happy workers mean good workers! We use IFAT labels on the products that we have made through Fair-Trade, and are fully committed in making our supplier chain sustainable. Therefore, we are involved with a local girls school in India so the young girls get education, instead of work under bad working conditions. Through education the girls gain independence and knowledge so they can build a better future. Read more about the school under Charity.

We hope that you enjoy bringing a bit of Casa Copenhagen into your home or accessories your outfit with a Pure design. If you've got any questions, please get in touch .